Recent installation of theshowerlab’s Xenon 05 Frameless Shower Screen

A very clever design , this was a particularly tight space in to which the client wanted to install a Bespoke, made to measure Frameless shower screen. Due to the portrait style design of our hinges which require small holes in the glass, we were able to produce a very slim “dog leg”, the narrow section of glass on the left hand panel.

This would not have been possible with an old fashioned landscape style hinge, which also tend to leak because of the holes they leave in the middle of the hinge, as the large notch in the glass, required to accommodate a landscape hinge, would cause the glass to explode during the toughening process.



theshowerlab™ are experts at designing, manufacturing and installing shower screens for even the most complicated of designs. Please visit our showroom locator to find details of your nearest showroom.

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