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Coastal Shower Doors Partners with theshowerlab™ to Launch Gridscape™ Series in the UK

17 CI 1952 TheShowerLab Social 11

The original “shower door as art” will see widespread distribution in the U.K.

Jacksonville, FL (Aug. 21, 2017) – Coastal Shower Doors is pleased to announce a new partnership with theshowerlab™, the U.K.’s leading manufacturer of frameless glass shower screens available in the market today. The new partnership reflects Coastal’s commitment to overseas expansion while offering exceptional service and distribution for builders, designers, architects and homeowners.

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The partnership, which went into effect Aug. 10, brings together two powerhouses in the world of bath and shower enclosures. Founded in 1972, Coastal Shower Doors has a long history of innovation, including the 2015 launch of the original Gridscape™ series. The first of its kind, Gridscape was inspired by industrial factory windows. Mullions that are customized to form an unlimited number of grid-configurations characterize the series. The door stands out as a bold bath centerpiece in diverse settings, from modern industrial to farmhouse, nautical to English cottage. Essex-based theshowerlab™ offers more than 60 years of combined industry expertise, with upwards of 150 retail showrooms across the U.K. Both companies specialize in catering to not only design focused consumers but professional designers, architects, hotel chains, high-end construction companies and home builders.

“We had many choices when it came to selecting a U.K. distributor,” said Patrick Cobb, director of sales and marketing at Coastal. “theshowerlab™ stood out as both a market leader and as a team aligned with our values of pushing the boundaries of artistry and innovation while never losing sight of the end customer experience.”

Alex Cooper, Sales Director at theshowerlab™, noted that while there are several “me too” imitators of the Gridscape 1 and Gridscape 2 true- and full-divided light doors, high-end designers, builders and homeowners understand the value of selecting the original, proven product.

“theshowerlab™ partnership with Coastal Showers’ Gridscape series offers the U.K. market an innovative, on-trend product line which enhances our already established portfolio,” stated Cooper. “This is an exciting addition and one we feel ultimately creates great value for our customers.”

The partnership marks the second step in Coastal’s push to expand to a more international audience. In early January, the company hired Europe Sales Manager, Sergio Marco. Based in La Rioja, Spain, Marco is responsible for developing a distribution network across Europe and was a key player in the bringing Coastal and theshowerlabs together.

Gridscape products will be available through Coastal by theshowerlab™ in mid-October, 2017. Retailers and showrooms may contact the company to reserve sales space for showroom displays. To learn more about Coastal Shower Doors and the Gridscape series, visit www.coastalshowerdoors.co.uk. For information on theshowerlab™, visit www.theshowerlab.com.

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About Coastal Shower Doors, Inc.

Coastal Shower Doors was founded in 1972 with the mission to create the industry’s finest bath and shower enclosures. Headquartered in Jacksonville, F.L., Coastal Shower Doors champions modern design, blending functional style into statement pieces that truly define bath spaces. Each groundbreaking collection sets trends, offers chic solutions and stands apart as a design element on its own. Information about Coastal Shower Doors and the company’s array of products can be found at www.coastalshowerdoors.co.uk.

About theshowerlab

theshowerlab™ is the U.K.’s leading manufacturer of the most desirable frameless glass shower screens, frameless shower enclosures, frameless glass walk-in wet room enclosures, frameless glass wet room shower screens and frameless glass over-bath shower screens available in the market today, all backed by a lifetime guarantee. theshowerlab works closely with interior designers, specifiers, house builders, developers and architects as well as the U.K.’s leading bathroom retailers, providing personalized design solutions.

Curium 19.4H Frameless Glass Walk-In Shower Enclosure

Referred to in a number of different ways which include frameless glass shower screen or frameless glass shower enclosure, frameless glass walk-in shower screen and sometime frameless glass wet room shower screen or panel. Whatever the name, the design is all about an open shower without a door.

Curium 19.4H - Open   Curium 19.4H - Semi Open   Curium 19.4H - Closed

The stunning Curium 19.4H creates a three-sided glass shower enclosure using four pieces of solid 10mm safety glass with a protective finish that resists the build-up of lime scale and makes it easier to keep the screen clean.

The narrow panel is hinged to allow you to position it as required and can be folded away flat when not in use.

Depending on your particular requirements, you can choose from one of our Standard sizes which are available from stock for quick delivery or if you prefer, we can manufacture a Bespoke, made to measure screen that can be personalised to your specific requirements. All of our frameless glass shower screens are covered by a Lifetime Guarantee

Dubnium 11 Frameless Shower Screen

This Dubnium 11 Frameless Shower Screen was manufactured from four individual, made to measure pieces of 10mm clear toughened safety glass, to build a truly bespoke frameless glass shower enclosure to suit the clients bathroom design.


The challenge of the sloped ceiling lead to this particular frameless shower screen requiring a shorter return panel and for the right hand inline panel needing to be cut at an angle to follow the line of the ceiling. This frameless shower screen features 10mm Clear safety glass, treated with a protective coating to resist the build-up of lime scale and has components to match Chrome and has a popular H1 D handle.

theshowerlab™ are experts at designing, manufacturing and installing shower screens for even the most complicated of designs. Please visit our showroom locator to find details of your nearest showroom.

Installation of two Xenon 05 Inline Panel + Door + Inline Panel, made to measure frameless shower screens

theshowerlab™ recently completed a truly bespoke showering solution with the installation of two of our Xenon 05 Inline Panel + Door + Inline Panel, made to measure frameless shower screens. Featuring an innovative design, the client created two specific zones, one for a relaxing steam room and the second for a twin “his and hers” showering area.

 Xenon 05 Bespoke Frameless Shower Screen - 1

The rear frameless shower screen needed to be sealed to stop steam from escaping and so the two fixed glass panels to either of the centrally located door were installed floor to ceiling with an outward opening door for ease of access into the steam room.

By contrast, the forward Xenon 05 shower screen utilises our CB2 ceiling mounted brackets to create a small gap between the top of the fixed panels and the ceiling. The extra high, inward opening doors have been installed with a third hinge to support the weight of the luxurious 10mm thick safety glass which is treated with an “Easy Clean” protective finish. All the components are finished to match Chrome and H2 handles have been used on both doors.

theshowerlab™ are experts at designing, manufacturing and installing Frameless shower screens and to find details of your local specialist retailer, please visit our showroom locator.

Bespoke, Made to Measure Showering Solution – Gallium 03 Door and Inline Panel Frameless Shower Screen

Here is another of this week’s installations by theshowerlab™ are expert team of engineers. This Gallium 03 Door + Inline Panel Frameless Shower Screen has been installed in a loft conversion en-suite bathroom. Manufactured from strong and safe 10mm thick glass which has been treated with an special Easy Clean protective finish, the sloped ceiling required a bespoke, made to measure shower screen and theshowerlab™ are the true experts in this area, manufacturing and installing some of the best engineered frameless shower enclosures available.

Gallium 03 Door + Inline Panel Bespoke Frameless Shower Screen

Clients can choose from a wide selection of component and glass designs that combine with a wide selection of handle designs and this frameless Gallium 03 shower screen, in clear glass and components to match chrome, features the sleek and minimalist H7 door knob.

For more advice and finding the right showering solution for you, please visit our showroom locator to find your nearest specialist bathroom retailer who will be able to help you design the bathroom of your dreams. .

Installation of a Gallium 03 Frameless Shower Door + Inline Panel

One of highly experienced team of engineers recently completed the installation of a Gallium 03 Frameless Door + Inline Panel in a private bathroom in London. The clean, contemporary look of this Bespoke frameless shower screen was made to measure to suit the clients particular requirements and features a minimalist CB2 ceiling bracket to support the fixed inline panel which allows for a small gap between the top of the screen and the ceiling to allow air to circulate.


This particular frameless shower screen is manufactured from superior 10mm safety glass and as with all the shower screens that make up the extensive portfolio manufactured by theshowerlab™ the glass is treated with an special Easy Clean protective finish to ensure the shower screen retains its “as new” appearance for many years to come.

Choosing from a wide selection of glass and component finishes that combine with a comprehensive range of handle designs, this particular frameless screen was manufactured with clear glass and components to match chrome and the H12 towel rail handle was selected which, combined with their opting for an inward opening door, allows the user to easily reach a towel after taking a shower.

Please visit our showroom locator to find details of your nearest specialist retailer.

Two Bespoke Argon 02 Frameless Shower Screens

While installed in a bathroom, these two bespoke Frameless Argon 02 single doors have been combined to create a solution which we come across quite regularly, where clients want to protect a window from water, generally in over-bath showering where the layout of the bathroom requires some clever planning by the bathroom designer.

IMG-20160517-WA0005           IMG-20160517-WA0004

theshowerlab™ only use 10mm toughened safety glass, protected with an “Easy Clean” coating to make light of cleaning, and these doors have been produced using Satin Etched glass which introduces an element of privacy for the user. Discreet model H8 polished finger holes have been cleverly used to avoid protruding handles and the doors were surveyed, measured and installed by our team of experts to ensure a perfect fit.

theshowerlab™ are experts at designing, manufacturing and installing Frameless shower screens for every eventuality. Please visit our showroom locator to find details of your nearest showroom.

Recent installation of theshowerlab’s Xenon 05 Frameless Shower Screen

A very clever design , this was a particularly tight space in to which the client wanted to install a Bespoke, made to measure Frameless shower screen. Due to the portrait style design of our hinges which require small holes in the glass, we were able to produce a very slim “dog leg”, the narrow section of glass on the left hand panel.

This would not have been possible with an old fashioned landscape style hinge, which also tend to leak because of the holes they leave in the middle of the hinge, as the large notch in the glass, required to accommodate a landscape hinge, would cause the glass to explode during the toughening process.



theshowerlab™ are experts at designing, manufacturing and installing shower screens for even the most complicated of designs. Please visit our showroom locator to find details of your nearest showroom.

The brand new brochure is now available for download

The new brochure is now available to download now

Europium 09 shower screen with cut angle

We have been installing a lot of bespoke, made to measure frameless shower screens in loft conversions where there is a requirement to accurately cut the glass at an angle to suit a sloped ceiling.

 20150514_102902 (Copy)

This example shows our Europium 09 enclosure with 10mm safety that has been treated with a protective finish which helps keep the glass sparkling clean and shiny.


Recent installation of Bespoke Europium 09

The photos show a particularly complicated installation which our specialist team of installers have just fitted in a loft space. The design called for a cut angle of the narrow hinge panel to suit the slope of the ceiling and we have also cut the corner off the top of the door and installed a reduced height return panel as there is an adjacent Velux window installed in the ceiling.

20150512_121755 20150512_121803

The overall effect is a stunning frameless shower screen using 10mm clear safety glass and components that match chrome.

Recent installation of Radon 07

This shower screen, recently installed by our in-house team, features a reduced width return panel and a bespoke glass pelmet across the top of the door and inline panel.


New for 2014 – Palladium 21H

Completing the current line up of Frameless Walk-In shower screens is the new Palladium 21H which features a front fixed panel with two side panels that can be positioned as required as the hinges allow the panels to move through 180⁰ so they can be fully extended of folded flat away against the fixed panel when not in use.

The Palladium 21H is available in Bespoke, made-to-measure sizes.

In line with our continued promise to provide only the best quality products, all our shower screens are offered in luxury 10mm safety glass in a choice of seven stunning
finishes with ‘Easy Clean’ protective glass finish included as standard.

You can choose from components that match chrome, black, white, gold, brushed and polished nickel.

For peace of mind, all shower screens are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.

For more information please download our new 2014 brochure

theshowerlab™ launch a wide selection of Frameless Walk-In Shower Screens in Ultra Clear glass, available from stock

Neon 01 - Standardtheshowerlab™ have responded to increased customer demand for it’s Neon 01 frameless shower screens by introducing 11 models in luxurious 10mm thick Ultra Clear glass.

Sometimes referred to as Low-Iron or Opti-Bright, Ultra Clear glass is manufactured with reduced iron content which reduces the greenish tint in clear glass that is most apparent when viewed from the edge. The result is pure, sparkling, very clear glass.

Neon 01 frameless fixed panels are available in a selection of standard fixed sizes from 300mm through to 1400mm wide, all at above average 2000mm high.

As with all the frameless shower screens from theshowerlab™, the glass is treated with Easy Clean glass protective finish to help keep it looking shiny and new!