Frameless Glass Walk-In Shower Enclosures

Curium 19.1F

This group of products are referred to in a number of different ways which include Frameless Glass Shower Screen or Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure, Frameless Glass Walk-In Shower Screen and sometime Frameless Glass Wet Room Shower Screen or Panel. Whatever the name, the design is all about an open shower without a door. Depending on your particular requirements, we have a design to suit. Choose from one of our Standard sizes which are available from stock for quick delivery or if you prefer, we can manufacture a Bespoke, made to measure glass shower screen that can be personalised to your specific requirements. All of our Frameless Glass Shower Screens are covered by a Lifetime Guarantee and are manufactured using 10mm safety glass with a protective finish that resists the build-up of lime scale and makes it easier to keep the screen clean.