Curium 19.4H Frameless Glass Walk-In Shower Enclosure

Referred to in a number of different ways which include frameless glass shower screen or frameless glass shower enclosure, frameless glass walk-in shower screen and sometime frameless glass wet room shower screen or panel. Whatever the name, the design is all about an open shower without a door.

Curium 19.4H - Open   Curium 19.4H - Semi Open   Curium 19.4H - Closed

The stunning Curium 19.4H creates a three-sided glass shower enclosure using four pieces of solid 10mm safety glass with a protective finish that resists the build-up of lime scale and makes it easier to keep the screen clean.

The narrow panel is hinged to allow you to position it as required and can be folded away flat when not in use.

Depending on your particular requirements, you can choose from one of our Standard sizes which are available from stock for quick delivery or if you prefer, we can manufacture a Bespoke, made to measure screen that can be personalised to your specific requirements. All of our frameless glass shower screens are covered by a Lifetime Guarantee

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